A Day On The Farm With Essential Oils

I’m always brainstorming about ideas for my next post to share with y’all, and thankfully, this one has not taken much brainpower! That’s my kind of blogging!

The last few months have been an awesome whirlwind of my blog really taking off, AND my favorite brand of essential oils coming into our lives! If you don’t know my essential oil story, read it here. Needless to say, before finding doTERRA, I was a bit disheartened with my essential oil experience.

Last year was a bit rough on my health. I had 3 extended bouts of upper & lower respiratory infections. I just couldn’t kick it! The oils I was using gave me little relief. I had to hang my head all three times, & resort to antibiotics. This got rid of the infection, but left my immune system depleted. Antibiotics are very useful, when needed. But, research shows that overprescribing & overuse can lead to harmful effects on our bodies and the environment around us.

So, fast forward to the present! I’m working on strengthening my immune system, and my overall health & wellness! Yea! Fist pump!

This is a snapshot how I use essential oils & natural solutions on a daily basis!
I hoping that it will inspire you, and introduce new ways to use these life changing products in your own lives!

7:30am-I brush my teeth with OnGuard Whitening fluoride free toothpaste. It has many amazing oral benefits & makes my mouth feel happy! Mega bonus: I cannot tell you how many comments I’ve gotten about my sparkling white smile (with absolutely no tooth sensitivity)!

8:00am– My husband & I have both been under the weather. Guilty confession! I am a creature of habit! To promote better wellness during sickness, I’ve been using 5 drops Oil of Oregano (from another company) & 1 drop of the Immune blend essential oil mixed in a gelcap. I think to myself this morning, “Self, why are you using this Oil of Oregano?” Big sneeze! “It’s obviously is not working!” Doh!

Time for Plan B! We ain’t playing around anymore, folks! I am now officially in a monogamous relationship with my favorite essential oil brand!

Bad Bug Bomb
2 drops of Oregano
2 drops of Frankincense
2 drops of Immune blend
1 drop of Peppermint

Take every 3-4 hours for the first 2 days. I put a drop of Lemon oil in a glass of water, and take the pill. My hubby takes this, too!

8:15am-I put some Deep Blue rub on my aching lower back. I feel relief in 5 minutes.

8:30am-Yoga time! The diffuser is going with 3 drops of Frankincense & 3 drops of the Breathe Respiratory blend.

9:15am– Breakfast of a delicious, homemade Green Machine (organic kale, banana, orange, cucumber, frozen pear) smoothie. I take Life Long Vitality (LLV) vitamins + PB Assist + TerraZyme with my breakfast. I had not planned on being “wowed” over the LLV’s & supplements. Honestly, I would not have been initially interested in these products. They came in my Natural Solutions kit, plus the LLV pack was also the product of the month when I ordered, so all of sudden, I had two boxes of it!

I now use it daily, and have since had more energy, less fatigue, promotes a better mood, and noticeably less pain & inflammation in my back. It’s a keeper!

10:00am-One of our dogs, Gracie, has a sore on the base of her tail that she’s been nawing at. I mixed a drop of Frankincense with few drops of fractionated coconut oil, and applied it to her affected area, several times a day. She was also bitten by a tick last night. Urg! After removing the tick, I put a little of dT’s multipurpose, all natural ointment  (packed with essential oils such as Frankincense, Helichrysum, Melaleuca, Cedarwood, and Lavender) on the bite to promote healing.

1:00pm-The chicken coop needs a refresher. I spray my homemade Chicken Coop Spray around the coop & the roosting poles to get rid of any bad bacteria & nasties.

2:00pm– A super easy way to take your oils with you, whereever you go, are the beadlets. These are 1/4 drop of essential oil in an teeny weeny, easy to shallow bead. I put them in my purse or pocket, so I can take them when I’m out & about! My favorite are the Immunity blend beadlets.

3:00pm-Time for a pick me up! Wild Orange, Melaleuca, & Lemon are diffused in the living room while I’m working on the blogging business.

4:00pm-Do y’all have issues with dishes just multiplying in your sink? We sure do! I first soak the dishes in hot water with lemon oil before hand-washing them. The kitchen counter is sprayed down with our homemade kitchen spray.
Kitchen spray
Dark glass spray bottle
1/2 white vinegar, 1/2 water solution
15 drops of OnGuard Immunity blend
15 drops of Melaleuca
10 drops of Wild Orange oil

8:00pm-Time to wind down for the evening. We set up the diffuser with 3-4 drops of Balance grounding blend essential oil. About 20 minutes after a shower, I rub Peppermint oil on my hubby’s back & neck.

10:00pm-Time for bed! We use the Breathe vapor stick on our chests to promote clear airways. I rub 1 drop of Cedarwood on my toes & 1 drop of Lavender on the back of my neck, and sleep like a baby!

It may seem tedious, but, since we started making our health a priority, incorporating these oils & natural solutions into our daily lives has been pretty effortless.

Your health is so important! I’d love to support you in finding ways to better your health & wellness! Let’s chat about your ailments and/or health challenges, & I can help match you with amazing products that are proven to help! There are hundreds of ways you can use these products in your life! I wanted to give you an example of my how we make them work in ours!

In my experience, the key to these oils is consistency. Most medicines or remedies must be taken at a certain frequency before you start to feel the positive results. It’s so important to have your oils in place in your home where they are easily accessible. You will find that using your oils and natural solutions on a daily basis is really key to achieving the desired results!

doTERRA is a wholesale company, much like Costco. For a $35 annual enrollment fee, you get 25% off of all the products. The only commitment is to buy 1 product a year.

As a Wellness advocate for doTERRA, I can show you how to easily save an additional 10-30% on top of the wholesale prices! There are also multiple opportunities to earn residual income, if you are interested!

If you have any questions about doTERRA, or would like to try any samples, I’d love to help you! No pressure, my friends! It’s about sharing these amazing natural products so that your family can reap the benefits of them, too! I look forward to hearing from you!

You can email me at onegracefilledlife@yahoo.com

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  1. Tracy Lynn says:

    Hi Kipper!
    I just loved reading about your daily schedule with doTERRA. I LOVE doTERRA oils and use them daily as well. My favorite is the Breathe Vapor Stick, can’t live without it!! I am going to give your smoothie a try, although the green has me a bit worried 🙂 I started my love of oils the same time you did so I have 2 packs of LLV too. I cannot imagine living my days without them.
    Have a healthy day!
    Tracy Lynn

    • Kipper says:

      Hey lady! Thanks so much! I loved your email a couple weeks ago! Hopefully you got my response email! I’d love to connect with you sometime, & we can chit chat sbout oils & the simple life! The Breathe stick is one of my very favorites, too!! ??

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