BBQ Pork Country Ribs Slow Cooker Recipe

This is a bone suckingly (word?) delicious and a seriously easy recipe!


I threw these in a crockpot early this morning with the intent on my hubby having one heck of a scrumptious dinner, & well, he had one heck of an amazing lunch!  And, the house smelled fabulous! A special thanks to our neighbors at Heart Moss Farm for the pasture raised, hormone & antibiotic free pork!


3-4 lbs of Pork Backbone (Country Ribs)

8oz of your favorite BBQ sauce

A couple bibs & a pile of napkins



Stick those suckers in your crock pot, pour on the BBQ sauce, and cook on low for 6 hours. Done!

My Hubby
One happy hubby!

Ready Meat

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