Breaking Ground: Growing Beautiful Fresh Produce

Let the tilling begin!!!

Despite being a little late on the planting calendar, we plowed forward and spent several FULL days tilling, planting, and nurturing our first garden at the farm!! Wooweeee, it was not without some blood, lots of sweat, and well, a few happy tears! I maybe went a little crazy on my seed and seedling purchases this year. I bought most from Burpee, and the rest from our local feed supply. Grand total we have 6 different types of tomatoes (4 of which are our favorite heirloom varieties), peppers (red and yellow bells, sweet banana & hot banana), edamame, broccoli, spinach, sweet onions, beets, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupe, sweet yellow corn, strawberries, red grapes, asparagus, cupcake squash,…and a partridge in a pear tree…. Hehehe, I couldn’t help myself.

Red Turnip

Healthy and happy plants means lots of yummy, delicious eating for us, so now the battle begins in the fight against those pesky bugs, deer, raccoon, bears, rabbits, etc. Tom installed an electric fence around the garden, which hopefully will deter the pests. If that doesn’t work, and they dare set a foot on our plants, we will burn their insides with this awesome all natural bug juice recipe.

Green Plants

One of the things that I love about my husband is that he is true blue mountain man. I researched tirelessly about various ways to cultivate our new garden. He listened patiently as I explained the scientifics behind planting….yada yada yada. But, in the end, we scraped most of my research, and he taught me how to garden the way his grandmother taught him. We tilled the earth in rows, adding 10-10-10 fertilizer, lime, and for good measure, a heaping amount of nutrient rich compost. Now we watch and wait. As I sleep soundly tonight after a hard days work, visions of plump and juicy Cherokee purple tomatoes dance in my head. Mmmmm….

My number one tip for a bountiful garden is utilizing conpost! Read all about compost, and how to make it here.

Working in Garden



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  1. oh wow Kip! this is amazing! and definitely an inspiration – I would love to have a garden in our yard!

    • Aw, yay, thanks so much! You can definitely have your own garden, even if you don’t have the yard space! Let’s chat about how!