Dreamy Face Cream

We all have our weaknesses. I am somewhat of a moisturizer junkie. I’ve tried dozens of different types and brands, and I have a few that I like…. But, none that makes my face super ecstatic.

Until now! I have finally found the one that even my momma would love! It’s all natural, great for your skin, easy to make, and cheap cheap! So, what is it, you ask??!!!

Drum roll, please….

I call it the Dreamy Face Cream, and it’s so easy to make!


You need:

A new or recycled small container (I used an old moisterizer jar that I cleaned out)

2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil

1/2 tablespoon of shea butter*

2 drops of dōTERRA Frankincense essential oil** Info. here 

2 drops of dōTERRA Geranium essential oil Info.  here

**Side note, but super important. Buying essential oils from Walmart & Amazon is dangerous. There is no way to ensure that the oils you are purchasing are pure, free of impurities, and dangerous synthetics. I experienced this personally when I bought several brands of EO’s (including dōTERRA) from Amazon, The smell and viscosity of the oil was very different from the real dōTERRA oil. I experienced dizziness with the Amazon bought oil, which I do not experience with the same oil bought from dōTERRA. 
I encourage you to do your own research into buying essential oils. This is an excellent (non brand biased) site that will provide you with loads of information! Don’t put your families health at risk. Buy directly from the brand!

Let the shea butter and coconut oil soften at room temperature, then mix them together. Put in your essential oils, and you are done!!!

Now, I’ll be honest, sometimes I get a little lazy, and I’ll just throw a little bit of each ingrediant into the container and be done with it.

*During those cold winter months when you may need more moisturizer or if your skin is naturally dry, add the shea for extra dreamy results! Do what works best for you and your lovely skin! Enjoy!

If you tried this and like it, I’d love to hear from you!

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