A Walk in the Park

Well, I’m another year older. Sigh. What’s a girl to do?! Well, for starters, pull up my big girl panties and go on hike! So, that’s what I did! I grabbed Tom and Gracie, and off we went. Farm Place

This year, we ventured not too far out of our own backyard, to Elk Garden in the Grayson Highlands/Mt. Rogers range in Southwest VA. We hopped on the Appalachian Trail, and wandered through dense forest and grassy highlands.
My hubby on mountains Beautiful Grassland



I backpacked through this section many, many moons ago, so it brought back some really awesome memories. That particular time in my life was fueled by a passion for the outdoors and a quest for adventure! You have everything you need on your back, which naturally boosters feelings of self sufficiency and confidence. I learned a tremendous amount about myself, and my own strengths and limitations while backpacking. You go to bed at sunset, beat-tired, but with your heart full, and you wake up to a beautiful sunrise, with a front row seat as a witness to nature beginning another day.

Would I repeat this time in my life, and take off on the trail for days on end? Nah. I have my roots planted firmly where I am now, and I love my showers too much. But, it was a defining set of moments in my own history book. I can look back on them and smile, and truly appreciate the luxury of a nice long hot shower.

Beautiful Grassland

tiny birds nest Throughout our hike, we stumbled upon 4 tiny birds nest, nestled in the rocks. One nest had 4 little blue speckled eggs, 2 of the nests had baby birds that couldn’t have been more then a few hours old, and the last nest was empty.. they had flown the coop! We were so tickled! I couldn’t help but wonder if these were a sign of good luck… or maybe new beginnings…..

My Hubby

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  1. Lynn Farmer says:

    Thank you for sharing your Hike. I loved it just like I was with you guys. I Love Mt Rogers and miss it So you don’t know how much I loved this.

    • Kipper says:

      Hey Lynn! Aw, thanks so much for thw sweet comment! We love Mt. Rogers, too! It’s a very special place! Hugs, and hope to see you soon! ??

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