Empower Your Health!

You have health goals that you’d love to achieve. Most of us do, right?

But, I want you to think for just a second…

What would happen if you don’t reach those goals? What happens next?

What would not reaching those goals cost you?

So, you’re ready to kick start your health & wellness!!! Double high five!!! Go you!

I’m so happy that you are starting your journey here with me! You can’t put a price on your health!

This process can be scary for some, but, let’s do this together!!

Dose of truth: With doTERRA, there are:

-no contracts

-no strings attached

-no hidden fees (or anything else)

-no pressure to sell. period.

What doTERRA is: 

A wholesale company that ensures the highest quality oils and natural solutions products you can buy. 

Read more about that here & here.

Here is what you will get when you purchase through me:

-Wholesale pricing at 25% off

-Support & training on your oils. I’m going to make you & your oils BFF’s!  Pinky swear.

-Tips to help you get free products from doTERRA. They make it so easy.

Eeekkk! You’re going to love your oils!?


At approximately 12 pennies a drop (typical dose= 1-2 drops) these products will cut down on your spending, and trips to Walmart & local pharmacies because they will replace much of what you buy in those stores with these amazing products!

These oils are 100% pure, no synthetics, carcinogens, and artificial preservatives. Safe for every member of your family. Guaranteed.

Options to buy: 

Buy a $35 wholesale member & purchase the oils that you choose for specific ailments or conditions.

Contact me for a (free) personal, confidential wellness consult to help you find the right oils for you.

OR (this is way more fun):

Purchase an enrollment kit. Each enrollment kit includes the $35 wholesale membership & all of the products are discounted deeper then the 25%.

Most popular kits:

Top seller and my favorite (I started with  the NS kit & love it). An incredible way to begin your journey to natural health & healing. Replace chemically-laced & toxic products with these natural solutions. Plus, get $100 (points) in free products & start accruing an additional 15% off on your next orders. Learn more about the products here.

This kit is wildly popular! At half the price, this is a fabulous starter kit! You get 10 oils that each have a multitude of uses, plus a diffuser. Learn more about the products in this kit here.

Remember with every purchase you also get me as your personal essential oil tour guide! I will plug you in to amazing resources to help you learn your oils! 

How to order:

-Click on my site here. In the dropdown menu, click “Join & Save”

-Click Wholesale Customer, then continue

-Enter your personal information. You should see “3839756” in the Sponser & Enrollment boxes. That’s me! Please add that number if it does not show up.

-Choose your enrollment kit and shipping

-Click: Review order/cart information

-Enter in payment info and hit process order now button

-Email me at onegracefilledlife@yahoo.com & let me know that you have ordered.

I will plug you in to some amazing resources, & send you information to help you get started!

I’m so excited for you, and I’m honored to be a part of your journey!! Please reach out to me with any questions! ❤

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