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Hey fellow foodies and garden fanatics! Ok, for real, what could possibly be more amazing then for us to eat a meal (or a snack) from produce that came straight from a garden?! It’s totally off the charts if it actually came from our own garden, right?! Free from nasty chemicals and unspeakables, with to die for flavor and freshness that you can’t get from the store! Hello!

I am so infatuated with our garden. It’s far from perfect. We have our fair share of infestations of creepy crawlies that makes me want to throw my hoe over fence from time to time and stomp away swearing never to return. But, I always do. Some people have armies of dust bunnies in their home. Well, we do, too, and we also have an arsenal of weeds that just regenerate before my eyes just as I am pulling one out of the ground. Dang it!

So, why do we keep coming back?! Probably (at least in my case) it is due to a little bit of insanity. But, I’d like to think it’s because we have a whole lot of hope. Hope that we can provide something better for our families and ourselves then what is offered in most groceries stores. Hope that we can grow a plant from seed, and it turn in to something beautiful, nutritious, and delicious!


Beautiful beets!

Vegitables garden


Young tomatoes



For a garden to grow, it takes a good bit of preparation. The soil must be tilled, rocks and weeds cleared, then mounds created for the seeds or tiny seedlings. Once they are carefully planted and watered, you wait. And wait. In the meantime, as before mentioned, you are fighting a continuous battle with pests and weeds. Are you exhausted, yet? Yah, buddy!

Our #1 tip for growing gorgeous produce? Compost, compost, compost! We compost like crazy around here, and it sure pays off! Compost conditions your soil, nourishes your plants and root systems, and helps the soil to retain just the right amount of moisture and nutrients! It’s a total win win! You can add compost to your garden year round to add nutrients and micro-nutrients to your soil, as well as attract beneficial organisms! Earthworms will come from far and wide to your garden of good eaten to help you grow the most amazing produce! More on composting and earthworms later, so stay tuned!

Plant garden






We planted the garden in early May, and everything (minus the cauliflower ravaged by Japanese beetles) is beginning to bloom and fruit. It’s really a beautiful thing to watch these plants grow from almost nothing, nurture them, fight for them, then witness the fruits of your labor. If we are so lucky, we’ll have more then enough produce to eat and can to last us through the winter. This is real food that will nourish our bodies. No chemicals or preservatives, and grown with love. Can’t get much better then that, folks!!

What are some of your favorite gardening tips and tools? Do you have a favorite heirloom vegetable or fruit that you can suggest? Please share by commenting below. Thanks, y’all! 

Juicy Melons

golden corn

My garden helper

Hot peppers


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  1. Love it! Your pics are beautiful! There is just something about gardening that is just blissful to me! This year we did some different methods.. and had decent luck. I can not wait to try them again next year!