Celebrating Poppas

Today is a day to celebrate the main men in our lives, our Dad’s (I call mine my Pop)!

I am lucky enough to get to celebrate two wonderful men today!

First and foremost, my Pop. Growing up, Pop was (and still is) the one who always encouraged me to follow my dreams. Between my brother and I, I was the wandering nomad constantly wanting to explore the world, experience new cultures, and take great photographs of my travels. If it was the road less traveled, I wanted to be there. My dad was right there with me, usually also with a camera in his hand. I learned to take pictures on his 30+ year old 35mm Pentax ME SLR (which I still think is a better camera then the fancy point and shoots on the market today). As I grew older, my dad stayed home and allowed me to experience the world on my own. I always knew, and still know that he will be waiting for me, no matter the circumstance. He is my rock, and God sure did bless me with a great Pop!

Me and my dad

The other man I am celebrating today is my husband, Tom. His relationship with his daughter, T., is inspiring and well, just awesome! Now that she is older, watching them together is like seeing two best friends having the time of their lives, no matter the situation. When Tom and I first started dating, she embraced me from the very beginning. Fast forward several years, and we have had so many fun get-togethers, several camping trips, and a handful of the best lazy days floating down the river. I love watching the two of them together, and am blessed to be a part of their family.

My hubby and Daughter

Last, but not least, Tom is a wonderful Poppa to our critters. Meeting Tom was like coming home for me, and I tossed my wander-lust into the mountain breeze. Home is where we can be together, and where our critters are. I married a man who has an enormous heart for animals, and treats them so kindheartedly. He is the gentle shepherd, and the perfect partner for tending our little herd.

My Hubby and My Dog



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