Our recommendations of the top must haves for raising chickens!

Must Haves for Raising Chickens

Chickens are such a delight! Well, let’s be honest. Sometimes they can also be little terrors. Regardless, we love them! They add so much presence and personality to your farm. Keep them happy & healthy with the following tried, tested, and true products!

Disclaimer: So, hello! Why are you showing me all these Amazon links, you ask?! If we don’t grow it or raise it, it comes from Amazon.com. 

I’ve been a proud Amazon Prime Member for 5 years. It offers the convenience of having thousands of items available to purchase at the click of a button, free shipping, excellent customer service, hard to beat prices, no hassle returns, free music, movies, and more! You cannot beat their service! What’s not to love?!

Ok, back to chickens!


Chickens are no different from other farm critters when it comes to treats! They love ’em! During the harvest season, our hens get a steady stream of fresh vegetables from the garden. Chickens don’t tend to over eat. However, if you offer my girls an extra flock block, they certainly aren’t going to turn it down. Keep their snacks healthy and in moderation.


Click here to make your own hen treats!

Sprouts are a wonderful treat for chickens and they LOVE them! Click here to grow your own!


I used the following on our 2 month old pullets, as well as our “big girls” that started molting to give them an extra nutrient boost. I use it full time now for egg-traordinarily delicious and nutritious eggs! The yolks are a deep orange since starting these!

Awesome probiotic and Brewers yeast with garlic (boosts the immune system & promotes respiratory health) for baby chicks, pullets, and adult chickens. Not for daily use.

Organic layer & scratch feed:

Oyster shell & grit:

Chickens need calcium, and oyster shells are one of the best, safest, and easiest ways to help them meet their daily requirements.

Chickens have no teeth. So, they have to eat grit to help them grind up and digest their food.

First Aid:

Epsom salts are a must have for any chicken momma (or poppa).

From Garden Betty on epsom salt use for chickens:

“Epsom salt is a naturally occurring mineral compound called magnesium sulfate. It is used both internally and externally, as a laxative, detoxifier, skin soother, muscle relaxer, and pain reliever. As a general pick-me-up, magnesium can improve circulatory health and reduce fatigue and stress. Studies on the external effects of Epsom salts (when they’re absorbed through the skin) tend to be mixed, but since I’ve personally always gotten relief after an Epsom salt bath, I feel it never hurts to take a soak. What is medically proven is the use of magnesium sulfate as a laxative; an oral dose of Epsom salts (dissolved in water) helps move things along in the bowels.
For a chicken, an Epsom salt bath helps her relax the same way it helps us. If she’s found to be egg-bound, a warm soak will ease her muscles and encourage the egg to slide out. If she’s eaten something she’s not supposed to, it will help flush out toxins. If she’s suffering from irritated skin, it will soothe and soften the redness. Epsom salts also help maintain the proper calcium levels and restore the balance of minerals in an active layer.”

Vet Rx- An essential for any poultry first aid kit for the prevention & treatment for many respiratory issues.

Nutra-drench- For rapid delivery of nutrients to sick or ailing birds. This has saved my birds on several occasions.

ResQ Organics-When nothing else works, this stuff is A-Mazing! I use it on all of our critters.

Blue Kote- This antiseptic & fungicidal liquid keeps other chickens from pecking injuries or scratches on another chicken.

We stand behind all of these products, and  use them on our own flock! If you recommend any products that have kept your birds happy & healthy, I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Carol L says:

    I was hoping this would be a list of what you need to have to begin keeping chickens: chicken coop, waterer, etc. I am in the final stages of getting ready to get chickens, but want to make SURE I have EVERYTHING in order to do so. don’t want to get them and then discover that I need ….*****. I have never had birds before, but have wanted chickens and maybe even ducks for quite awhile now. Hopefully, my tax refund will be enough to get about a dozen or so, plus all of the items needed to raise them. Anyway, thanks for this, it’s helpful, just not what I was hoping to read…

    • Kipper says:

      Hey Carol! I’m so glad you popped by! Yes, what you are looking for would be a great topic for another blog post! I’ll have to keep that on the back burner! ? But, what I have on this list is intended to address the needs of first time chicken owners, as well! Particularly, the first aid & nutritional supplies listed, which you always need to have on hand! Other then that, a chicken feeder (there are several different types) & a waterer (again, multiple different types & styles, including DIY), & a predator proof coop are about all you need to get started! Chickens are about the easiest of the farm critters to raise! Hope to see you, again, soon, and don’t forget to check out our other great posts! ?

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