Ready…Set…. Essential Oils! Part 2

Howdy! Hopefully you read my first post on EO’s (here’s the link), and even more importantly, you feel more comfortable, as well as better informed about the nitty gritty of Essential Oils! Go you! High five! 

So, why start investing in plant based medicine when you have a whole cabinet full of traditional “tried and true” over the counter and prescription medications for every ailment and health condition imaginable?! Well, we all have a story, and this is why I made the switch….

I started my journey into EO’s with very lofty goals (I’m a go big or go home kind of girl). In addition to trying essential oils out, I committed to a healthy diet and exercise plan in order to lessen the need for the medications I was taking.

I’m a decently healthy 30 something. But, in the interest of being transparent, I have chronic, sometimes debilitating back pain and thanks to working three years on night shift, a great night sleep is a distant memory.

Ok ok, that’s my sob story, and I know things could definitely be a whole lot worse!

Holistically speaking, are the short term benefits of pain relief really worth it when the medication is only managing a symptom, and not syngeristically working with your body to heal itself? As a sufferer of chronic pain, my immediate reaction is “Heck yes!”, but realistically speaking, no it’s not. Personally, I don’t want to just manage my symptoms, while also developing unwanted side effects from taking a medication chronically. I want to heal.


Some people can function well on just a few hours of sleep nightly. Honey, if you can pull up your big girl panties, juggle a 8-10 hour work day (whether you’re a stay at home momma or work outside of the home) AND take care of your family, all on just a few hours of shut eye…WOW, I’m so envious! I wish my body had that super woman ability!

I need a solid 7-8 hours of beauty sleep. It sure doesn’t make me any prettier, but it does allow my body to recharge mentally and physically. After working night shift for several years, I completely lost the ability to go to sleep (and stay asleep) on my own. I tried just about everything over the counter and nothing consistently worked.

Most chronic conditions require a multi-faceted approach to healing that can include changes in diet, exercise, stretches, strengthening exercises, drinking plenty of water, etc. etc. Admittedly, there have been periods over the past few years where I have “forgotten” how to exercise. Doh! But, I do know my body, and I know that true physical and emotional wellness requires hard work on all levels and a change (and consistency) in healthy habits. You are setting yourself up for failure if you rely solely on a medication (whether sythnetic or plant based) to do the work for you.

How do EO’s work? They have several functions: stimulate, energize, and/or to relax & balance, depending on the particular oil. They are multidimensional and heal on a cellular level to cleanse out the bad receptors sites to assist in restoring natural function and support a healthy immune system. They detoxify and restore balance to assist in replenishing energy to an exhausted body system.

Simply put… They heal. The oils and their fragrance come from plants, thus they are all natural. Nothing synthetic and no additives or preservatives. Because of this, you get what you pay for. Only buy oils that are certified therapeutic grade, preferably organic (whenever possible). EO’s are very potent, so it only takes a tiny amount to begin seeing results.

Start sparingly and use the proper dilution rates. Most EO’s must be diluted in a carrer oil (more on that in the next post) if applied topically. Because of their potency, please do additional research on the use of EO’s with special populations such as pregnant or nursing women, children, and pets, and proceed with caution.

EO’s are plant based medicine. You wouldn’t just pop a few extra anxiety pills, then give one to your cat. Big negative! Essential oils require the same judicious respect.

EO’s have been around for a lonnnng time! They were prized by Egyptian royalty in 3600BC and the use of EO’s are mentioned in the Bible over 200 times. At his birth, the 3 wise men offered Frankincense and Myrrh as prized gifts to the King of Kings.

This is just my story. Many of you have your own story with EO’s, and I’d love to hear from you (you can comment below). What EO’s work for you? Which are your favorites?

Next up in Part 3: The Incredible Breakthrough from the Essential Oil Challenge. 


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