Remembering those crisp days of Fall

Tomorrow marks the first day of summer. With the record setting heat we have all been experiencing here in the Southeast, who isn’t ready for those cool days of fall to arrive?!

Let’s reminisce for a minute.. a great pair of jeans, your favorite boots, and a cup of pumpkin spice latte.. or your favorite spiced tea?!

Mmmmmm… Back to our harsh, hot reality…but, here are a handful of pictures I took this past fall that will hopefully make your day a little cooler.

All photos were taken in either Ashe county or Grayson county.

Beautiful place

Beautiful Road in Trees

Awesome Beautiful Place

Awesome Beautiful Place

Awesome Beautiful Mountains

Beautiful Ridge Mountains

Beautiful Place

Beautiful Place


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  1. Ralph Whitfield says:

    Kipper- It was great to hear from you and your website is awesome! We miss having you and the rest of your family here on Blenheim. Thanks for sharing this with us and our best to You, Tom, and the rest of your family.


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