Sugar coated mint leaves

Y’all! These things are like crack! Get in my mouth! A farmer at our local farmer’s market first introduced me to these, and they made such a impression, I couldn’t wait to share them with you! Let’s make them! Now!

Green Plants

You will need:

Mint or spearmint leaves, free from pesticides

2 cups of sugar (I like to experiment, so I let the leaves soak in an organic Turbinado sugar water mixture, then sprinkled white sugar on top when I placed the leaves on the trays)

A big bowl

A dehydrator or oven

Organic Turbinado

Take a bunch of mint leaves, the bigger the leaves, the better. Organic is best. Pesticides are gross. Blah! Anyways, wash them in cold water to get any dirt and bugs off them. Pick the leaves off the stem.

Mix the 3/4 of the sugar and lukewarm water into your bowl. Stir to help the sugar dissolve. Let the water cool before adding the leaves. Add them to your sugar water, and make sure they are all submerged. Let them soak for a few hours.

Mint leaves

If you have a dehydrator:

Place each leaf on a dehydrator tray (it’s ok if they are still wet). The leaves can be touching, but not overlapping. Sprinkle the remaining sugar on the leaves. Set the appropriate temp. for your dehydrator. I have a Garden Master, which recommends setting a temperature between 95-125 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on your altitude and humidity level. Drying times range between 1-4 hours. Check on them several times. The mint is dry when it crumbles.

Soaking Mint leaves

In general, it is best to dry herbs below 100F. High temperatures can result in a loss of flavor.

Drying in an oven or microwave:

I’ve never used either, so check out the how to’s in this post

Here is a great site with other interesting facts on drying herbs!

Viola! You are done! These can be used in teas, and on various desserts! They are also awesome by themselves, and make your breath smell great, too!


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