The babies are here!

One thing I love about living on a farm is having a menagerie of critters! At some point, if all of the planets a line and God gives his blessing, some of our sweet critters have babies! After diligently sitting on 9 eggs for 20 days, our queen hen, Shiney Bird, hatched her babies this past weekend!!! Shiney Bird is so good at barking orders and playing the role of commander-in-chief to our other chickens, we didn’t think she would make time to be a Momma. But, she surprised the heck out of us and went broody! Of the 9 eggs, 8 chicks hatched, though one did not make it through the night. We have 2 black/white babies, and 5 white/yellow babies. Chief (our rooster) is one proud Poppa!

chickens and babies

After hand raising 27 chicks earlier this year, we both breathed a very audible sigh of relief as we watched Shiney Bird morph into a dedicated full time mom! Woohoo, throw out the heat lamps and thermometers cause Mama Bird has taken over! Life is ever changing, and witnessing the beauty of new life on our farm is a sure sign of beautiful things to come!

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