The Best Cup of Coffee, Ever!

Mmmm, early mornings! Boo! Hiss! But, my friends, they are sometimes inevitable, especially if you live on a farm!

How many coffee lovers are out there? Yep, count me in that club! Mountain Man & I wouldn’t dare start our mornings without a couple cups of Joe! It’s a pretty big deal in our house! Wanna see my hubby bug out? Tell him we’re out of coffee, and it’s on, folks!

Between a couple coffee makers and Keurig, we thought we had the perfect cup of coffee all figured out!


A few months ago, we took our coffee drinking to the next level! We bought a percolator! Sounds so technical and fancy, doesn’t it?! Rest assured, it’s about the easiest and most amazing pot of coffee you can make! 

How does a percolator work, you ask? It is made up of two sections: the lower part of the pot where the water goes, and the upper part where the coffee grounds are placed.
When the water boils, it filters through the top (with the grounds), creating this bold, luscious brew! Your kitchen will smell like freshly roasted coffee beans! Yummo!

In my experience, the coffee made with a percolator tastes incredibly fresh! The robustness of your coffee is determined by how long you let the coffee grounds percolate, so you can control how much “umph!” your coffee has!

Add some fresh cream, and “Hello, early morning!”….

Where to get a percolator? We lucked out & found our’s at a Corningware booth at Flea Market! This top rated percolator can be found Amazon!


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